Dream of buying the new smartphone with amazing camera features? Or do you wish to invest in your savings for your new car? No matter what the reason is, everyone wants to have a few extra bucks in their pocket. After the grueling 9 to 5 job, you are not left with the energy to even type a single word so how can you increase your income? Give rummy a shot. This interesting game with the simple yet interesting rummy playing cards tips will help you add more cash towards reaching your goals. Once you master the rummy playing cards rules, you are sure to gain more confidence and improve your overall skills.

How rummy playing cards will boost your confidence

The different rummy playing cards have different importance to each and every player. What works for you may not work for another and with the immense numbers of players active in the game at the same time, the chance of you meeting a like-minded person is slim to non-existent. Thus, learning about the different rummy playing cards and their usage will help you set your own gameplay.

       The Jokers

The 13 card Indian rummy differs from its counterparts due to the addition of the Jokers. With a full table of six, like in the case of tourneys, 2 decks are used and you get a total of 9 jokers, 7 of the number printed on the drawn joker and two wild card jokers. These rummy playing cards have the potential to change the face of the game depending on who holds the most and who has none. If you happen to own the right amount along with the pure sequence, you can confidently play towards the win.

       The High-value cards

These rummy playing cards are tricky as their importance is different for each round. While some suggest doing away with high-value cards at the beginning of the game, there are a few who believe in retaining the cards especially when the Joker happens to be of a lower value. This increases the chance of your opponents dropping their high-value cards which can help you form the required sequences or set.

       The discards and the closed deck

Another set of rummy playing cards that sets the mood and pace of the game is the discards and the closed deck. While the closed deck often gives you a surprise that you do not require, it is the discards that help you understand the hand of your opponents. These discards can also be made useful if you can manipulate and confuse your opponents. This skill to manipulate improves your confidence level as you keep a healthy winning streak.


The basics of the rummy playing cards are the same – you need to be calm and focused. Once you achieve that, you can overcome any situation, be it in the game or in life. Once you have a decent idea of the different rummy playing cards and how they are to be arranged and treated, your strategies regarding the game becomes clearer for you. Enjoy the game while you earn some real money.

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